10x10'    |    Italian Street Painting Marin, 2016

9x12'    |    Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, 2013

10x12'    |    Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, 2014

Every year, I participate in numerous street painting events in California, where artists create huge works of art in chalk on the pavement.

while they are temporary, these street paintings are among my most prized pieces.

4x4'    |    Art in the Park San Ramon, 2013

10x10'    |    Italian Street Painting Marin, 2015

10x10'    |    Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, 2015

6x6'    |    Martinez Street Painting Festival, 2013

6x6'    |    Italian Street Painting Marin, 2013

7x8'    |    Sam Francisco North Beach Festival, 2012

4x6'    |    Italian Street Painting Marin, 2010

5x10'    |    Sam Francisco North Beach Festival, 2013

4x4'    |    Italian Street Painting Marin, 2006